"Mountains to sea" Cycle trail hikoi

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phone: 0800483292 0800 teawa
email: info@whanganuiriver.co.nz

Mountains to Sea - Nga Ara Tuhono Celebration Hikoi April 26th, 27th & 28th 2012

The Cycle Trail partners, invite you to attend any or all of a three day hikoi to celebrate the completion of the Mountains to Sea - Nga Ara Tuhono cycle trail. Starting at Turoa Ski Area, Ruapehu and



Day 1

Old Coach Rd/Fishers Track/Ruatiti

0900 hrs

Official start @ Ohakune Junction

1130 hrs

Group splits, Group 1 leaves for Ruatiti Domain, Group 2

 buses to National Park Village

1200 hrs

Group 2 leave National Park for Whakahoro

1500 hrs

Group 1 arrive Ruatiti for overnight stay

1600 hrs


Group 2 arrive Whakahoro for overnight stay


Day 2

Mangapurua/Kaiwhakauka Track  

0700 hrs

Group 2 leaves Whakahoro

0800 hrs

Group 1 leaves Ruatiti Domain

1100 hrs

All meet at Mangapurua / Kaiwhakauka Track

junction to unveil Pou

1200 hrs

Depart Mangapurua / Kaiwhakauka Track junction for

Whanganui river

1530 hrs

Depart Mangapurua Landing for Pipiriki

1700 hrs


Arrive Pipiriki for overnight stay


Day 3

Pipiriki to North Mole

0700 hrs

Leave Pipiriki for Whanganui

1500 hrs

Completion ceremony, Tasman Sea, North Mole - Whanganui



Day 1 –26 April Turoa Skifields to Ruatiti & Whakahoro


0730 hrs

Mountains start & karakia at Turoa skifield carpark


Safety Briefing

Cyclists can choose to start here or at Ohakune junction.

Ngati Rangi – Opening ceremony and karakia

Note: This section subject to weather conditions, Plan B start at 0900 hrs from junction

Car park to Ohakune Junction - Distance: 17kms Grade: 2, Sealed Road but may require skills particularly if conditions are sketchy


0900 hrs

Official start at Ohakune Junction

Cyclists can start here after official ceremony

Ohakune Old Coach Rd, Ohakune Junction to Horopito – Distance: 13.6kms Grade: 3 15% sealed, 85% formed track on old bench, some surfacing (scoria)

1130 hrs

The group splits into two

Group 1 travels to Ruatiti via Middle road & Group 2 travel to National Park Village via transport

Group 1 Horopito to Ruatiti Domain – Distance: 30kms Grade: 2 10% gravel road, 90 % sealed road (900m on SH4)

1200 hrs

Depart National Park for Whakahoro

Group 2 upon arriving in National Park township

Note: Rest stop at Retaruke memorial

National Park township to Whakahoro – Distance: 45.8kms Grade: 2 18% sealed road, 20% formed track on old bench – some surfacing, 62% gravel road

1500 hrs

Approximate arrival of Group 1 at Ruatiti

Group 1 arrive at Ruatiti

Overnight free camping available at Ruatiti Domain.  Water supply, toilets & some BBQ’s

1600 hrs

Approximate arrival of Group 2 at Whakahoro

Group 2 arrive Whakahoro

Overnight accommodation options available in Whakahoro

Day 2 -27 April  Mangapurua & Kaiwhakauka section, Pipiriki + unveiling of Pou whenua

0700 hrs

Group 2 Departs Whakahoro

Group travels through Whanganui National Park via Retaruke Station to Kaiwhakauka/Mangapurua junction

Note: Cyclists participating on this day should be experienced Mountain Bikers

Whakahoro to Kaiwhakauka/Mangapurua Track Junction - Distance: 17.5kms Grade: 3, 50% on farm road, 50% on formed track


0800 hrs

Group 1 Departs Ruatiti Domain

Group travels through Ruatiti Valley to  Kaiwhakauka/Mangapurua Junction

Ruatiti Domain to Kaiwhakauka/Mangapurua Track Junction - Distance: kms Grade: 3 58% gravel road, 50% on formed track (minimal surfacing)

1100 hrs

Unveiling ceremony

Unveiling of Pouwhenua at Junction

Whanganui iwi – unveiling ceremony & karakia


Dignitaries join hikoi on site using 4x4 vehicles and quads.  Cyclists may wish to have lunch following ceremony.

1200 hrs

Depart Junction for Whanganui River



Junction to Mangapurua Landing - Distance: 26kms Grade: 3 100% on formed track (minimal surfacing)

1530 hrs

Depart landing for Pipiriki via Tieke Kainga

All cyclists travel via jet boat down river to Tieke Kainga for brief stop off.

Note: Boat transport to Pipiriki should be pre-booked

Jet boat transport down river to Pipiriki approx 45 mins not including stop off at Tieke.

1700 hrs

Arrive Pipiriki

Hikoi arrives in Pipiriki for the night. 

Overnight accommodation options available in Pipiriki and down the Whanganui River Road & Raetihi



Day 3 –28 April  Pipiriki to  Whanganui.  Total distance travel today 85 kms

0700 hrs

Depart Pipiriki for Whanganui

Travel via Whanganui River Road


Note: Rest stop (Toilet) at Otamaire campsite between Koriniti & Atene


Pipiriki to Hiruharama (Jeruselum) 15kms

Hiruharama to Ranana 5.6 kms

Ranana to Matahiwi 5.7 kms

Matahiwi to Koriniti 7.7 kms

Koriniti to Atene 11.0 kms

Atene to Parikino 11.6 kms

Parikino to River Rd kiosk 8.9 km’s

River Rd kiosk to Whanganui East Rail Bridge 10.9 kms (start of cycle path)

Rail Bridge - North Mole 11.0 kms (predominantly on cycle path)


Grade: 2 17% gravel road, 71% sealed road, 12% cycle path

1500 hrs

Completion ceremony

Gather at North Mole for completion of Mountains to Sea Hikoi

Whanganui iwi – Karakia and close off ceremony


1730 hrs

Catch up and dinner

Gather at the Red Lion Inn for a catch up & a meal

Note: Bookings for dinner should be made to

06 348 4080

45 Anzac Parade, Durie Hill, Whanganui



Contactact us if you have specific queries by email to info@whanganuiriver.co.nz

Or let us know if you want to join us on the Hikoi by email to cnorgate@doc.govt.nz




Q.        Do I need to register?

A.        No – but please leave your intentions with us if you are going, this way we will know how many people to expect. You could email Connie or Sandy cnorgate@doc.govt.nz or sandy@visitruapehu.com and register with them.


Q.        What do I need to bring?

A.        In addition to your bike you will need to supply your own food and drinks, tent and sleeping bag etc if you have not already pre-booked accommodation.


Q         What level of experience do I need to have?

A         Some mountain biking experience would be an advantage for Day 2 on the Mangapurua/Kaiwhakauka sections, the rest of the ride would require a good level of fitness particularly if you are doing the full 3 days.


Q.        My pack might be quite large if I am bringing food, drinks, tent etc.  Will I have to transport my own gear?

A.        You can put your pack on the support vehicle & trailer that will be available every day but we suggest that you carry a day-pack with your essential goodies for the bike ride.  Please be sensible with the size of your packs as space on the trailer will be limited.


Q.        Do I have to book a jet boat from Mangapurua to Pipiriki?

A.        Yes indeed – this is absolutely mandatory if you are cycling this leg.  The Visit Ruapehu website lists available transport operators.


Q.        Are there toilet stops along the way?

A.        Yes there are toilets at central points on all 3 days. Make sure you pack some toilet paper though!


Q.        What medical facilities are there?

A.        There will be basic first aid kits in the support vehicles, and radio communications will be available for serious emergencies. 


Q.        Can I get cell-phone coverage?

A.        Only on high points on Day 2.  Coverage is mainly non-existent in most of the places you will be cycling through.


Q.        What do I do in an emergency?

A.        There will be support vehicles leading & following the cycling group/s on all three days should you need assistance.  They will have direct radio communications with Department of Conservation staff based in the Whanganui Area office at all times.


Q.        Can I bring my own support crew?

A.        Most certainly however we do ask that they take extreme care around the cyclists.


Q.        Will it be postponed for bad weather?

A.        No however the Kaiwhakauka - Mangapurua leg may be closed if heavy rain occurs closer to the hikoi.  All other cycling legs will continue in adverse weather – just be prepared to get wet and dirty!


Q.        What happens if I want to pull out halfway through?

A.        Just let the support crew know and they can transport you to the closest station so you can make arrangements to get home.


Q.        Can I join in the hikoi anywhere or do I have to cycle the whole 3 days?

A.        You are welcome to join and leave the hikoi at any stage however please let one of the support crew know of your intentions (they are the people in yellow fluro).


Q.        What happens if I get a puncture or I have bike troubles?

A.        You need to bring your own puncture repair kits. There are also going to be MTB blowout experts at the two refreshment stops on Day 1 & 3 for assistance with more serious problems.


Q.        What happens if I am a really slow rider?

A.        There will be a support vehicle travelling as the “tail-end Charlie” so no-one gets left behind.  There will also be a cut-off time for riders on the last day so that everyone can get to the end of the hikoi (at Castlecliff Beach) before the sun sets!


Q.        Is there accommodation available along the way?

A.        Yes but you need to book that yourself.  Accommodation providers are listed on the Visit Ruapehu website. 


Q         What will I do for food over the 3 days? 

A         You will need to organise your own food.  There will be BBQ facilities available.  Some operators are offering catered trips, buffet dinners, Bed & Breakfast & cut lunches.  Please make sure you organise all of this before you go.


Q.        Is the hikoi suitable for children?

A.        The cycle legs are graded 2-3 and in some parts would be a challenge to novice riders.  We are expecting family groups to join us on the final leg through Whanganui (from the rail bridge) to Castlecliff where the “Mountains to Sea” hikoi will end.


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 Accommodation providers on the final day section have put together an overnight option for the night of Friday 27 April which includes transport from Whanganui or Pipiriki, dinner, bed and breakfast and a packed lunch for the final day. Dinner will feature local specialties and all those taking up this package will be ferried to a mystery locality for an evening of great food and conversation with those who have made the area their home. email info@whanganuiriver.co.nz for more information.

Alternatively Whanganui River Adventures have a Friday evening meal option combined with an overnight stay at their Camp Site in Pipiriki.Email info@whanganuiriveradventures.co.nz for more information on this option.



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